Dear Reader,

Here are the 3 suggestions for massive financial prosperity…

1. Do what you love. This is a must!

You should be having fun getting rich, truly, because honestly, your life should not be to get wealthy. Instead, you should be living while seeing financial prosperity play out in your life.  For some, it’s about quality of life. For others, It’s like a sport – something that gets your blood boiling.

No matter what your drive is, if you’re not experiencing the thrill of good living, you’re missing out. Remember, money is the means to an end, but not the end unto itself.

However, for all the people out there saying money isn’t important at all or that it is the root of all evil, I am sorry, but this is wrong.  The root of evil is the lack of financial prosperity, and to live life as a bum isn’t much of a life at all.

2. Become untouchable!

Ignore all the negative people around you. Accept that you’re a winner and not everyone is going to follow you.  The people who have settled for average won’t understand you, so don’t even try.

Focus on your goals and plans, and stay your own course…  Surround yourself with exceptional people.

3. Get serious about starting your own business or monetizing your job as an independent contractor.

If you are employed, consider making your current employer your first client.  Making money is this simple: deliver value to others.  My advice is to over-deliver in whatever it is you do. That’s where the financial security comes from.  Over-promise and over-deliver, and then fulfill your promises by going all-in!

Summary: 90% of reaching your financial goals is going to be just getting out there and doing it!  It truly is a decision, and I believe the conscious effort to become financially independent will be one of the best moves you ever make in your life… one that will change not only your destiny, but perhaps generations after you.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri