Dear Reader,

Smart capital allocation, investing, and saving are all part of wealth creation, but none of these are your seeds of wealth. The fact is if you evaluate your life right now, there is a good chance the vast majority of your income and wealth comes from your vocation. Your life’s work is where the true seeds of your wealth come from.

Book stores, the financial press, and everyone out there wants you to believe it’s going to be some secret investment, a small stock, or hidden strategy known only to the rich, but the truth is it’s your active income. Think about it; even if you make millions of dollars from the stock market, where did the money to invest come from in the first place?

Where does your money originate?

Even stock brokers and money managers, for the most part, didn’t generate a massive amount of wealth from investing – they did it from collecting fees and commissions.

It’s why we believe creating extra income, either through what you are doing now, or starting a new business, is the best route to take for becoming financially independent.

If you’re an employee, over-deliver in value to your employer. Or better yet, figure out how you can continue to monetize what you do. Become a consultant, independent contractor, and perhaps ask your current employer to be your first customer.

If you own a business or are self-employed, evaluate yourself: how can you deliver more value to current clients or to new ones? For all the time and effort people spend looking to re-allocate capital in order to create more wealth, I believe your best investment is always going to be yourself.

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Daniel Ameduri