Dear Reader,

We’re coming to a time with cars that drive themselves, collapsing our insurance premiums, reducing traffic, and hopefully allowing us to get some extra sleep while on the road.

  • Drones are already delivering packages for Amazon.
  • McDonald’s is moving to automation, for both the cash register and the actual hamburger making.
  • Domino’s announced this week that pizza delivery had started in New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, and Japan using a robot!

Much of this technology will be expedited due to minimum wage laws and the over-regulation of hiring an employee in states like California.  Seattle experienced the largest 3-month job loss in its history in 2015, following the introduction of a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

Pew Research recently found that 65% of Americans now believe their job will inevitably be done by a robot.

The world is at a major inflection point with technology. And in our opinion, it is this technology wave we are seeing that gives us hope for the future.  Governments, central banks, and debt have wreaked havoc on so much of humanity for the last 100 years, and at the very moment, the current system is set to implode. A new world is closely on the horizon… the question is will it come in time?

Many will see the rise of the machines as a bad thing, or something we should fight. I have no interest in debating the inevitable. Instead, we choose to prepare to prosper in the new economy.

Our World is changing, and it’s Happening Fast

Each of us needs to choose our destiny, and rely on ourselves – not the government, and not an employer. Financial independence is the only way you can buy your freedom.

Now more than ever, it is important to get your financial house in order, prepare for the worst when it comes to the current system, and start to live in the new economy now.

Think of ways you can use technology to your advantage, whether it’s starting your own business, using Lending Club to get a real return on your money, or buying property a thousand miles from your home with the click of a mouse.

Conquer change by proceeding to be successful, regardless of the economy around you.

Choose to be Rich!

Best Regards,
Daniel Ameduri