Dear Reader,

After spending hundreds of hours this year researching this sector, talking to experts, and reviewing every data point possible, I am convinced that I’ll likely be making the most important decision, as it pertains to my and my family’s wealth.

I am selling half of all my gold, and re-directing funds to buy First Mining Finance.

When will any of us ever get the chance to buy a new Keith Neumeyer stock, coming out of the worst bear market in the sectors’ history? The fact is we won’t.

Mining shares from 2011 to 2012 fell by half, then from 2012 to 2014 fell by half again, and then from 2014 to January 18, 2016, they fell by half for a final time.

Since that date, it’s been off to the races, but looking at a historical chart, you can see that this amazing rally we’ve seen is barely at the support level of where the last 3 horrendous bear markets bottomed.

Rick Rule told me last week “He’s preparing for what he believes may be the greatest shift in the natural resource market that he’ll likely see in his career.”

Keith Neumeyer founded First Quantum Minerals during the 1990s, which went on to become a multi-billion-dollar company.  During the early 2000s, he founded First Majestic Silver, another multi-billion-dollar company.

Last year, he founded First Mining Finance.  In 15 months, it’s made 8 strategic acquisitions, 7 of which were entire companies.  It went from ZERO ounces of gold to over 10 million ounces and 30 million ounces of silver in barely over a year.

This is an incredible opportunity, with an aggressive gold acquisition company, headed up by Keith Neumeyer, at the start of a new gold bull market!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri