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Today, I want to introduce you to Nicholas Green, a new contributor who will focus on retirement and portfolio optimization for the new economy. He is also heading up FMT Investment Advisory, of which this publication has an ownership interest.

Nicholas is a fiduciary advisor, setting himself apart from 96% of other portfolio managers. As a value investor, his beliefs and investment thesis are very close to my own. Going forward as investors, we face severe currency risk, a declining middle class, and we need to prepare ourselves to profit from major trends in technology and the globalization of our world.

Below is Nicholas’ first letter as a contributor.

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Daniel Ameduri

Financial Independence

For the past 7 years since the financial crisis, investors have sought out alternatives to the typical stock investing plan. Some went all cash, choosing death by inflation, others chose to hold stocks outside the country, opting instead for death by volatility, and unfortunately for many, some chose to only hold hard assets, leading to death by manipulation.

The lack of financial advisors and firms that focus on investing for the future, while focusing on currency risk and even U.S. systemic risk, is a real crisis in itself. It seems like you either have to go with the rosy advisor who believes everything’s just great, or you have to settle for someone who agrees with your own economic thesis, but offers up terrible investment advice, with holdings that have been a complete disaster.

It’s something that has bothered me for a long time, not only because I am a reader and a supporter of, but more so because I am also an advisor. Today, I am happy to announce that FMT Investment Advisory has launched. will remain doing what it has always done: writing, researching, and finding safe alternatives for investors through its publications. FMT Investment Advisory will be a completely separate business, where I am the advisor, that not only sees the risks in the economy, but is a value investor and fiduciary – a registered investment advisor.

What this means is that FMT Advisory doesn’t work for a commission. No one pays me to push funds — or any investment, for that matter — to clients. In fact, FMT Advisory has a legal obligation to provide unbiased advice.

For many reading this, this may seem like common sense, and it is. But did you know that 96% of financial planners (according to Cerulli Associates) are not fiduciaries? Many of them are receiving paid vacations, cash bonuses, and other benefits from the very companies they are using their clients’ funds to invest in.

This is why FMT Investment Advisory will always remain a true fiduciary, with no commissions. Here is an excerpt from our FMT Advisory website:

Our Purpose: Financial independence for our clients. Empower people to take less risk, save on fees, and control their own destiny. To use the knowledge of a fiduciary advisor whose beliefs are aligned with their clients’, whose success is directly tied to yours.

Our Belief: The 1980s portfolio model is broken. We live in unprecedented times. With nations engaging in currency wars and the global medium of exchange having no gold backing, the world is primed for a systemic crisis. We need to prepare and optimize our savings and investments for the future, crisis-proofing them to thrive as the U.S. and other nations work through their sovereign debt problems.

Our Plan: Prepare for massive changes in the U.S. economy, eroding currencies, and hedge ourselves against a dollar-based lifestyle.

If you are looking for the peace of mind of a fiduciary advisor with your 401(k), IRA, or regular accounts, please contact FMT Investment Advisory today. This is the one firm you can trust, in my opinion, regarding the preservation and growth of your portfolio going forward.

Best Regards,

Nicholas Green
CEO, FMT Investment Advisory