I’m sure you opened this for the money part, right…

Dear Reader,

Outside of the idea of making money, sex is a best-seller! The two can be closely linked, and if you’re lucky, you’ll use sex to your advantage (along with money).

Speaking as a man, of course, nothing brings out the competition in a male like a room full of ladies.

Watch a boxing match with a room full of men, and you’ll see a good fight, fill the room with women, and you’ll see a historic championship battle between two gladiators ready to fight to the death!

I remember when I was 16, I literally broke my leg to impress a female… Well, not literally, but it was an ACL tear and I had to get reconstructive surgery, so it was almost like breaking my leg. I didn’t injure myself on purpose, but while sparring, I threw the other guy so high, he actually crashed down on my leg, something that would have never happened had my then-future girlfriend, who later became my wife, not been watching.

So what’s the point in all of this? I want you to use this same powerful tool to excel at higher-than-expected levels.

A unique use of this energy is to propel others to a higher level as well. The person you are romantically involved with will be grateful and become a better human being by this infectious energy.

Daily compliments, physical contact, and enthusiasm are the simple keys to their happiness! The encouragement from someone you love intimately, in return, is a powerful force, and from what I have experienced, you reap what you sow.

I remember before my wife and I were married, I helped her overcome what was to her a really big deal: the courage to change directions completely when it came to her university major. Instead of doing what was expected of her, she decided to pursue what she was passionate about.

The encouragement I provided her with came back full circle when eight years ago, I was writing and blogging for others, and my wife relentlessly inspired me to launch my own wealth letter. It’s why I actually refer to her as the true founder of Future Money Trends.

When it comes to money and achieving clear-cut financial objectives, we have perfect synergy between us, and it is this same energy that I have been able to capture and emulate with other people – a joint venture with every human I work with and every investor I partner with, to have a chief aim, where each side encourages each other and where they over-deliver for one another!

These are powerful concepts, and if you can harness this precise vital beat, the result will be a synergy to build and make a fortune.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri