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As we close out our best year yet at, I wanted to dial up our research, seeking out the single greatest opportunity today.

Last week, while at dinner with our team of writers and analysts, I pounded the table. “I want millionaires; I want our inbox to be flooded with members telling us how we made them millions.”

The only way we can deliver our best investment recommendations is to find you the safest, most hated, and scariest investment possible. Kind of a mixed bag of qualities, but I believe our members are ready to prosper and fully understand what it takes to pile up massive profits from buying the out of favor.

Of course, the irony is buying the sectors that are down also happens to be the safest, because in order to sell high, you have to have the courage to buy low.

The World’s Leading Energy Source

Out of all the electricity in the world being used, nothing comes close to coal. 40% of electricity generation for the world comes from coal. In some places, like India, Indonesia, and China, where about half the population lives, coal produces between 48 to 81% of electricity.

With global consumption growing at 2% annually, coal is without a doubt one of the most needed and used commodities in the world. Billions of people depend on its use.

China, already 81% dependent on coal for its electricity, is averaging 1 new coal fire power plant a week in 2014! And demand is expected to double over the next 3 decades.

Why Coal in 2015?

Pessimism in the coal market is widespread: companies are closing down, investors are giving up, and assets are selling dirt cheap.

The last time pessimism was this low, investors in 2002 saw a 1,200% rally!

Natural gas has crushed the coal market, but many in the world are starting to reconsider this dependency. Europe, for one, is not feeling so confident in Russian gas these days.

Coal is down 80% from its 2011 highs, but this is all about to change. Demand continues to surge and though coal is politically out of favor, if the price doesn’t rise, the world could face global blackouts – an event we don’t see happening. Instead, the likely scenario is that just as the uranium price turned in 2014, rising 50% in the matter of 6 weeks this past fall, coal will turn in 2015.

New Stock Suggestions for 2015

Look for some big opportunities in the coal space this year, from small micro-caps to beaten down powerhouses trading at severe discounts.

Happy New Year!

Daniel Ameduri

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