A Great Habit to Start Today

Dear Reader,Tomorrow is thanksgiving, so I thought I would share with you two habits I started a few years ago that have improved my family’s lifestyle at no cost.  Every day, I use a morning cup of coffee as my trigger (reminder) to pause before I take my first sip. I immediately think of things I can greatly appreciate.

I take in my surroundings first, a loving wife, 3 happy children, a business that I love, and our health.  Then, I take a moment to reflect on the good people I will interact with during the day.  It’s a spectacular way to reset your brain to prepare for a great day.

The second habit my family has formed is that at every meal (habit trigger), we start with discussing something we are thankful for.  It allows the family to open up a healthy discussion about life. It’s also something we can use to relieve some of the tension or stress experienced in the day, because you simply can not be upset while openly praising life on what you are grateful for.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri