Dear Reader,

I hate to even bring something like this up, but I have to admit, as a young man, and even today, I strongly believe in writing down and reading out loud daily what you are grateful for and what your expectations are for your life.

My father often quoted a proverb, “life and death are in the power of the tongue, and they shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Not fully understanding it as a boy, I certainly understand it now.  My suggestion is to take the time to write down what you are most thankful for and happy about in your life. It doesn’t have to be more than 2 to 5 sentences.  After acknowledging all that you are thankful for, I recommend you also write down exactly why you are the person to achieve your specific goals and, specifically, how you envision your life purpose playing out.

As a kid, I read the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, a book I highly recommend to all.  Napoleon Hill and another well-known life coach, Tony Robbins, are who I picked up this daily routine from, and I have no doubt that it has bettered my life.  It also fits into understanding the proverb my father often cited. What you are doing is making it a point to proclaim positive acts in your life, either through gratefulness or your own expectations.

This is essentially a daily statement to start your day.

It’s broken into 3 parts:

1. What you are most thankful for.
2. Declaring who you are.
3. Acknowledging how your specific life goal will happen.

I’ve done this off and on since I was 16 years old, but only in the past 3 years have I done this as a daily habit.  Considering I’ve achieved everything I ever included in this daily statement, I’m going to put it in the category of “call me crazy, but I think it works.”  For the details on why it works, I suggest you pick up a copy of Think and Grow Rich, as well as Tony Robbins’ book, Unlimited Power.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri