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A key to supercharging your wealth will be layering your income generation with speculative bets. About 5 to 10% of your investable portfolio should be allocated to risky plays that offer up 3, 5, and10 times your money over the course of three years. These have to be disciplined decisions, and well-researched positions.

It doesn’t matter the sector or opportunity; we are looking for extreme opportunities with as much reward as possible. These are your home run and grand slam moments. However, they will also be your strikeouts as well.

I’ve seen a $65,000 investment go to ZERO in less than 3 months! But I’ve also seen a $9,000 speculative bet quickly turn into over $140,000. In my opinion, most investors are speculating with their entire portfolio when they are in nothing but capital appreciation investments, where they just hope they will go up over the long-term.

Our experience and position is that 90 to 95% of your investments should be focused on income, and then with the remaining allocated funds, shoot for the moon! Look for our income investments in our premium area, and our speculative bets two Sundays per month for 2016!

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Daniel Ameduri