The TRUMP Trade Like No Other!

Dear Reader,

I want us to hedge and prepare for both the possibility of a booming economy (perceived or real) and one that could see a rapid bust during President-Elect Trump’s first year in office.  In order to position us for maximum gains, I think I found the perfect company.

1. It has a proven management team.
2. It has the RIGHT product.
3. The company is likely to see rapid growth in 2017.

Most importantly, if the economy booms, we could see unbelievable gains…  If the economy implodes, we will, with almost absolute certainly, see unbelievable gains!

Outside of the clean energy minerals, which we love, like lithium, cobalt, and uranium, the safest – and, by far, the most undervalued – commodity to enter right now is silver!  It’s the most unique asset to own right now, and perhaps the PERFECT TRUMP trade for 2017.

Many investors want to own industrial metals right now, either because of the real change President Trump will deliver or the perception that the market believes. It  really doesn’t matter, because the fact is that right now, a bullish trend is roaring into 2017 for the demand of minerals that will be used to make America great again.

The new president, with a Republican-controlled Congress, has plans to spend a massive amount on infrastructure, provide a large tax cut, and ruffle plenty of feathers around the world when it comes to trade.

I can not think of a better way to play this than with silver.  This is especially true when you have cash and gold bans taking place in other parts of the world.  India and China have made news lately with their own restrictions for gold and cash, but something much larger is coming… The war on cash is now extending to gold in the West!

The EU commission is suggesting a ban, and even outright confiscation for some who like to hold certain levels of cash, prepaid cards, bitcoins, and physical gold.  Industrial demand for silver, along with being a precious metal, will likely ignite silver higher on all fronts!

The fact is that we don’t mine the amount of silver we produce, there is a real deficit, and it won’t take much to see a violent move higher in 2017.  The silver market is 100 times smaller than the gold market, so seeing even a tiny amount of the gold market enter into the silver market could be explosive.  This is not an “if” question; this investment is a “when” question…

It’s common knowledge that JP Morgan is the largest COMEX (paper metal backed by nearly nothing) silver shorter. But what is not known is that this same bank is the largest silver hoarder on the planet.

Since 2007, as they’ve shorted silver with a near perfect track record, they’ve been buying up physical silver by the truckload! They have been taking in more delivery than any other company on earth!  While JP Morgan has driven the price down, they’ve accumulated nearly 500 million ounces of silver!

We aren’t happy about the price manipulation, but we will take advantage of it just like they are.  Now, I want you to envision how President Trump’s first year in office is going to play out…  A trillion-dollar infrastructure spending bill, exploding deficits, and an angry China are on the horizon. Let’s throw in rattled elites, violent protesters, and a few potential trade wars to boot!

Now try and think about a scenario where silver doesn’t rise, especially after coming out of a 5-year bear market.

Boom or Bust: Silver is Set to Roar Higher

Here is how we are going to position ourselves with a strategy that is second to none.  We want to own both a business that rises from silver and is in a rapid growth stage.  This way, whatever we see from our gains is juiced up even higher as the company keeps a steady news flow and advances the business.Right now, there is just one company in the entire silver market positioned like this. It is well prepared to benefit from a rising silver price, but also comes with a plan for tremendous growth ahead of it – growth I can see happening due to its management team’s proven track record.

The company we are suggesting that you buy for 2017 in order to dually profit from either a boom or bust economy is Silver One Resources (TSXV: SLV & US: SLVRF).  This is a dirt cheap silver stock that can grow from both exploration and acquisition.

Most importantly, you’re partnering with the handful of people that actually make investors money in this speculative sector.  It’s at its infancy stage, but things could unfold quickly for the company over the next year, and many investors are not aware of this company yet.  When I called up one of the most well-known silver analysts, he’d never even heard of it.

But when I called up the #1 primary silver producer, not only did he admit to knowing about it, but he had already become one its largest shareholders!  Even a half-a-billion-dollar gold company has taken the largest single position in this tiny, unknown silver company.

Silver One Resources is perhaps the most important stock recommendation I can give to you at the start of January 2017.  If you recall, our January 2016 pick saw a 288% gain in 6 months! For Silver One Resources, I see even more potential, thanks to Trump.

Shares are trading in Canada for CAD$0.88 and in the U.S. for $0.67.  Consider buying shares up to CAD$1.35 on the TSXV: SVE and in the U.S. for up to $1.00 on the OTC: SLVRF.  We will have a detailed update for you tomorrow on the company and the people involved.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Share Disclosure: I am long Silver One.