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3 Years ago, a mining show in Vancouver, home to the juniors, would have hosted hundreds of small companies. However, last year, when we saw the cancellation of several major shows for the sector, the Cambridge House International show in May had just 68 booths set up for these small mining stocks… Seems pretty grim, eh? Sure was, unless you compare it to what happened last week, where this infamous mining group had just 22 booths for junior mining shares. Now, there were still another 50 to 60 booths set up for the show, but they were tech stocks, marijuana deals, and media publications.

Resource stocks are hated today, which is why you should love them. It’s bad, really bad. Even U.S. Global Investors, a major resource investment company and fund manager, recently started an airline ETF! Sentiment for resource stocks is at an ALL-TIME low. Look for our top suggestions in the coming weeks.

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Access Our Top-Notch Reports For the New Economy HERE!
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