Dear Reader, has some startling research about the job market that we will soon be releasing in video form; this will be original content that will truly reveal the state of employment in this country.

Our purpose here at is to help you grow your wealth on an annual basis. We believe the U.S. economy is in a structural depression, with a rapidly declining middle class.

The choices we all make in the next 5 years will determine much of the success of our lives, and even our heirs. The U.S. is becoming the first post-industrialized nation, and we are already seeing many signs of a collapsing society, with racial protests, cultural genocide with the removal of American historical monuments, and the socialism of the voting population.

Do not become a refugee in your own country. Everyone reading this needs to make getting rich a top priority. In 10 years, you’ll either be wealthy and living a decent life, or (very likely) facing poverty due to the collapse in middle class jobs, upward mobility, and peak government debt.

The financial wealth I am talking about isn’t for the purpose of greed or materialism – it’s for quality of life when living in the former republic of the U.S.

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Daniel Ameduri