Gold Per Share, it Doesn’t Get Any Cheaper!

Rick Rule, Marin Katusa, and Doug Casey’s Monster Gold Play Revealed…

“It’s not time to take any money off the table for this one”  Marin Katusa

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This is the only way that we are aware of where you can purchase gold for less than $15 per ounce of gold in the ground. It’s the ultimate gold optionality play for investors, and we consider it a must-own. Without a doubt, this is the one gold stock to own!

Brazil Resources (TSXV: BRI & US: BRIZF) is perhaps the most deeply-undervalued stock available to investors who are looking for real gold exposure. BRI was one of the best performers during the bear market, and it’s now the best performers amongst its peers for the bull market.

For investors concerned with physical gold volatility that leads to mining share volatility, look at BRI. It preserved its share price during a bear market that took the entire junior resource exchange down 90%. Meanwhile, BRI’s exceptional management team delivered real value to its shareholders by building a massive gold portfolio.

Doug Casey himself, who’s made hundreds of millions in the gold sector, has stated that BRI is the most important stock he owns today! In fact, he even predicted that with a little push from gold, Brazil Resource shareholders could see gains of 30x their investment, potentially turning every $10,000 invested into $300,000.

As for Doug, through his fund, he owns over 10% of the entire company! He’s not the only one; Rick Rule, of Sprott Asset Management, and Marin Katusa, of Katusa Research, are also owners of BRI. So is the Warren Buffet, of Brazil, Mario Garnero, dubbed the most influential man in the entire country.

To learn more about Brazil Resources, click here.

We suggest you act on this research immediately. For 2016, for every 1% gold has moved up, BRI has risen 30% because of its massive leverage to the gold price!

Investors who put $10,000 into gold at the start of this year have a gain of $1,700. For BRI investors, a $10,000 investment in January has yielded a gain of over $40,000!

There is simply no comparison when investing in a great management team, with solid assets and the sophistication to seize the opportunity we all find ourselves in now.

Please take a look at BRI and consider shares before gold’s next big move. Jim Rickards and others put gold at over $10,000 per ounce, which is great, but the reality is we don’t need that type of move to make an incredible gain with right shares.

Gold could go to $1,400 per ounce, and life-changing gains could be realized… This is an opportunity to leap your net-worth forward or, if you’re near retirement, correct any mistakes you’ve made in the past!

Daniel Ameduri

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