We’re huge believers at FMT Advisory that one has to constantly invest in and reinvent themselves or personal growth will stop and a slow death will ensue inside. Investing in yourself involves a wide range of things, from health and the people you surround yourself with to work and finance.  Once you truly begin investing in yourself everything around you starts to take on new meaning.

It’s a process, but you’ve got to start investing in yourself because it’s really do or die. Once you really start working on yourself, a world of possibilities truly starts to open up around you. Everything begins to grow—relationships, health, and work.

You will start investing in the right endeavors because things of real importance start to crystallize as your endorphins will take you to the right place. You’ll cut back on the artificial new car, for example, that you realize means nothing and no one really cares about anyway, and you’ll start investing in things that make you grow as a person.

You’ll open yourself up to new ideas, and suddenly become more motivated to do whatever it is you do but you’ll want do it better. Or you’ll begin to head into a direction that literally just calls to your passions.

Whether you are a stay-at-home, hard-working mother or a CEO, you’ll start using your time by doing what you love but you’ll own it. Whether building your own business, helping your kids grow as people, partnering with the right people, or finding a place of employment you can truly stand behind, you’ll be truly winning.

Simply put, you will find yourself living the unlimited life – and a life without limits if you just keep working it. These characteristics are what you want to look for in great businesses. And this alone narrows the investment universe down to just literally a select few businesses in the world that are publicly traded.

Companies that have management teams that are all-in and are doing what they are doing because they are 100% passionate about it and love it are very rare. And this is also where the big winning is for shareholders: Apple or Berkshire Hathaway are good examples, but their big days are over. However, these kind of folks know how to invest and reinvent their businesses in the unlimited life.

When you find them in the early stages you’ve got to invest a meaningful amount of money into them. You’ll likely become wealthy if you do.

Wealth creation can be achieved through Superinvestor Wealth Compounders like you’ve never seen before when  you give them the proper time and attention, and this will further free you up to live the life you want and do the things you want to do when you want to do them – including your life’s passions and work.

It is an interesting question to ponder, if you had unlimited means, what would you truly be doing with your time? Some of our Superinvestor Wealth Compounders have unlimited means, yet they are running businesses we’re invested in because they’re doing exactly what they want to be doing.

And that’s who we want on our team as we connect our and our member-clients’ monies in the unlimited life. If you want the same you can begin by contacting us right here.

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Best Regards,
Nicholas Green
CEO & Chief Investment Strategist