“You can read Adam Smith, you can read John Maynard Keynes, you can read anybody and you can’t find a word to my knowledge on prolonged zero interest rates –  that is a phenomenon nobody dreamed would ever happen.”

Warren Buffet

Dear reader,

The billionaire titans are seeing big losses… The world is awashed in fiat currency and not a single problem from the 2008 financial crisis has been solved, they’ve all been papered over with temporary fixes.

Wealth Research Group has just released an excellent micro-documentary, “Uncharted Waters.”  In it they warn that Americans today haven’t experienced a full-blown, prolonged, nightmarish depression, and the people of this country are just not prepared at all for what’s coming.

And with the global economy interconnected, the catalyst for the next leg down could come from anywhere.  Recession is imminent! Corporate profits continue to fall, which has been a time tested predictor of economic downturns.

However, for this next crisis, the system itself is at risk.  With negative interest rates, Lior Gantz believes that precious metal mania is upon us. The bull market we are about to see will be violent.

Truly, what we are all witnessing is unprecedented!

Watch “Uncharted Waters” by clicking here.


Daniel Ameduri

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