Dear Reader,

For the next 5 minutes, let’s forget about politics, the election, and some of the things that Donald J. Trump has stated over the past year. Let’s just focus on the incredible virtues that this man has that, should any individual model or mimic, could see stunning results in their own life.

1. Let’s make a deal – Deal-making is all about human cooperation, unlike politics, where you are either throwing your constituents under the bus or trying to destroy your opponent. The deal-making in business and in life should be focused on a win-win. Wealth comes from solutions. Whether you are an employee or business owner, cash-flow is birthed from problems being solved.

2. High expectations – Trump sets a high bar, both in deal-making and his own personal expectations. In his book The Art of the Deal he talks about sensationalizing your expectations and then delivering on those promises. When I read most personal finance commentators, they have low expectations for the audience.

The entire retirement model is based off of you quitting your active income and then being in the lowest tax rate for your 401(k) withdrawals. Why is everyone running around with such low expectations of themselves? Set the bar high!

3. Winning – In life and in finance, you play to win! Somewhere in our school system, winning became a negative… As if the winner took something from the loser in order to win. Look, if you want to live the life you desire, then you need to have a winning attitude – one that says you’re going to accomplish your goals. You need to be willing to make the sacrifices and be disciplined in staying the course.

Summary: I’ve watched Trump for the past year. Prior to this, I had never seen much of him. I’ve never seen a single episode of The Apprentice, only read one of his books, and didn’t really give him much thought.

Now that I’ve seen him for the past 10 months daily, whether I wanted to or not, I have to say that politics aside, I am impressed with his tenacity.

People who want to be successful, and even a nation, will greatly benefit from having the same kind of relentless drive and winning attitude that Trump does.

As far as the companies that have bankrupted under Trump, that’s normal for successful individuals and companies. The press and pundits don’t understand this at all. Entrepreneurs fail far more than they succeed, and even after success, will fail dozens — and even hundreds — of times trying to refine and expand their businesses.

Taking risks and sometimes failing is why Trump is a billionaire. If he never failed or took a risk, he would not be what he is today.

Take this letter for what it is worth. This is not a political endorsement at all, but it is an attitude endorsement.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri