Get Ready for 52 Week Highs!

Dear Reader,

The gold large-cap mining shares began their uptrend last September, then gold started its rise in late December. Now, since January 19th, the silver mining shares are going absolutely ballistic!

2 of our 3 silver stock suggestions have more than doubled in the past 45 days.

  • First Majestic Silver (AG) is up 127%
  • Endeavor Silver (EXK) is up 161%
  • Pan American Silver (PAAS) is up 84%

Just like the gold mining shares led the underlying metal, we believe we are seeing the same thing unfolding for silver. Silver, in our opinion, is about to see new 52-week highs. In all likelihood, we will see this in the next 3 months.

First Majestic Silver is the biggest beneficiary, being the purest primary silver producer in the world! Looking at smaller exploration gold stocks, we are also seeing some positive movement here, with our recent stock suggestion, Brazil Resources (TSXV: BRI & US: BRIZF), rising 30% in just the past week!

Expect spectacular gains for 2016. In fact, we’ve already seen incredible gains this year, so maybe we’ve already delivered on this forecast. However, I think this is just the beginning!

Have a great week!




Daniel Ameduri