Dear Reader,

After Steve Siebold’s 25 years of studying wealthy individuals, he wrote that the critical difference in how the rich and everyone choose to get paid comes down to this: average people choose wages based on time, while the rich typically get paid based on results.

I think many may be led to believe that this means you have to own some sort of business, but I believe that at the core of this finding may be that you need to love what you do. A passionate employee or business owner will always outperform a competitor who doesn’t enjoy their daily activity.

I’ve said this many times in this letter: the vast majority of people aren’t even trying. They’re not even making an attempt at what our readers are doing in seeking financial independence.

Choosing to go down this path of wealthy living is rare.

But what is not rare, and what keeps coming up as a common denominator when I speak with and interview individuals who’ve achieved financial success, is that they love what they are doing so much that if they weren’t being paid for it, it would probably fall in line with being their hobby.

When it comes to spending, living below and within your means is a must! This is especially true in the early days of your asset accumulation phase.

What’s “normal” is not normal, and it has absolutely destroyed the middle class. The mindset of financing everything has seriously created a hallowed out middle class that is nothing more than an illusion here in many parts of the U.S., specifically in California and New York, where even high income-producing families have become debt slaves.

The use of debt and its normalcy have created a massive amount of inflation, which has only further made Americans dependent on debt. Imagine if everyone decided to be fiscally prudent and not use debt so willingly. Housing prices would almost immediately fall. Auto manufacturers would drop their prices as well and would become far more efficient in how they build and sell vehicles to us.

Unfortunately, the government and Wall Street have masterfully conditioned the citizens of this country to use debt as a first choice to purchase goods and services, inflating prices and wreaking havoc on a once thriving middle class.

There isn’t much we can do for all of the walking consumer zombies, but for ourselves, we can choose another way. A better way. Sustainable (smart) decisions compound over time, just like an interest-bearing account. Becoming financially independent is a lifestyle… it’s not just about money, it is a healthy and independent life that breaks the mold of conventional living that nearly everyone you know will choose.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri