There is No Such Thing as Crisis Investing

Dear Reader,

It’s always something…  The rise of China, gold, interest rates, P/E ratios, natural disasters, elections, government, new laws, dead industries, and a thousand other headlines are put out to fear.

It never ends, especially with the World Wide Web.  On a daily basis, hundreds, if not thousands of articles and videos are posted to give you a reason to give up, to be scared, and to worry about everything you do being pulled out from under you.

I am certainly not here to tell you there are no risks, but I do want to say there isn’t sh*t you can do about it.  Worrying about all the things we can’t control is a big, massive waste of time.

So let’s focus on what we can control:

1. Relationships
2. Lifestyle
3. Achieving individual objectives

Some of the best businesses and greatest wealth have been built under dire circumstances.

Depressions and panics are opportunities. Look at 2015, at the depths of the worst resource bear market. Don’t ya’ll wish we could go back and buy some more of these stock recommendations we gave you for under 50 cents, which now trade for over $2?

I know I do!

The truth is there is no such thing as crisis investing, because there is always a crisis. Bull markets climb the wall of worry.  Wars, price spikes, and crashes are constantly in motion, which is why investing on the headlines of major news outlets is a big mistake.

When my neighbor (who’s probably reading this) offered to take a 100-ounce silver bet that Trump would lose , I took that bet. I did it because I truly ignored the headlines, and from our research here at Future Money Trends, I could see the undercurrent of a Trump win!

Right now, we are seeing several major undercurrents in the world for investing, and I think regardless of who’s in the White House or what crisis is on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, I think we are going to make a fortune.

We are sticking with early trends and partnering with people who aren’t looking to make 7% a year, but 700% or more in a few years!  We have several new investment suggestions for you coming soon, but right now, it’s just not the time. But when we send out the alerts, we will look to maximize profits for this letter.

Ignore the noise, and let’s focus on growing your net-worth not only from cash flow, but in large chunks from our important recommendations.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri