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“For every 10% drop in the overall equity markets, the United States government loses about 5% of their tax revenues. Despite the ongoing ‘recovery,’ government debt has gone parabolic. The one entity that cannot handle a drawn-out bear market is the government itself.”

– Nicholas Green, CEO, FMT Advisory

Our backs are not against the wall; remember that when making your investments and working on pursuing your financial objectives. The U.S. government, hedge funds around the world, central banks, and the scammers who rely on the constant fraud and manipulation of our system – their backs are against the wall.

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve raised rates a quarter point. This didn’t change a thing; not anything in my portfolios, and certainly not what any of us had for breakfast this morning. Financial media personalities like to stir the pot, get people in a panic, and make individual investors feel like they need to stay on top of every tick in the stock market.

That is a sad state to be in. I can’t imagine having our investments and emotions tied to the daily Wall Street show and the many sociopaths involved in manipulating it.

Be Resolved, Ignore the Noise

What are you doing to add to your financial wealth today, this month, over the next year, and 5 to 10 years? Time spent on those answers are far, far more beneficial to one’s financial wealth than worrying about what the FED is up to, or how the Dow is going to respond to the day’s news.

Have a plan of action, and forget about Wall Street. Seriously, I run a financial publishing business, and I am going to tell you the truth: for many people, they would be best served by never owning a stock in their lives.

I’ve met thousands of professional investors, probably over 20 billionaires, and at least 50 or so 100+ millionaires. And I have to say, if I was to guess how many got rich in the stock market, I would say less than 20%. The other 80% built their financial wealth through the creation of their own business.

It’s one of the reasons why I am attracted to micro-cap companies, because you can easily partner with the right people, who are going to generate a massive amount of wealth through the building of a business. One important quality you must have if you want to see above-average gains, a higher quality of life, and more money than you can spend in your lifetime, is you must be relentless. And part of that is ignoring the markets, while pushing forward with your own individual plans.

That fact that you are reading this letter means you have a real shot at whatever it is you are trying to do financially. I don’t say that to boast about the Future Money Trends letter; I say that because obviously, you’re an outlier. You’ve made the decision that you want more than the status quo.

Summary: Let the politicians and other schemers worry about the ups and downs of the dysfunctional markets they have created. In the end, your greatest value is your mindset, and your burning desire to be separated from the millions of everyday slaves who worship the sideshow on Wall Street.

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Daniel Ameduri

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