The Rise of the Internet 2.0

Dear Reader,

In 2012, we profiled Bitcoin at $13, and here is how we put it:

“This is speculative. If this is as big as we think it could be, then there is no price target. This cryptocurrency could go to $50,000 by 2020, and to a million by 2025. Or it could go to zero.”

Since that time, I would say we wouldn’t change a single line in this analysis.

A lot has changed over the last 5 years, and no doubt, the cryptocurrency economy is massive now and worldwide.

Bitcoin is the gold standard for virtual currency. It’s decentralized, has a finite supply, and like gold, it requires expensive equipment to digitally “mine” it.

The blockchain itself is the Internet 2.0. It’s not going away – in fact, it’s the future.

IBM has created an entire blockchain department.

Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and JP Morgan are fully behind Ethereum.

The central banks of Japan, Russia, and others are now exploring how they can use the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency has certainly made many big advancements since I was first introduced to it.

For one, it’s easier to buy. My first Bitcoin transaction was at a Starbucks where I met someone with $10,000 cash in my pocket, counting it out in the open as the transfer to my digital wallet took place.

Today, you can easily go to and buy some.

The real gains for us will be the companies that rise up to be the dominators in this industry.

Nearly all of them are private right now, but several that we are tracking are in the process of becoming public companies.

I like the idea of having some cryptocurrency in my digital wallet, but I would prefer to partner with and invest in the companies that will generate profits from this space.

Enormous upside is in front of us in this space. In our opinion, this is going to be like investing in the Dotcom stocks in the late 1980s, with more than a decade in front of us of large parabolic gains.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri