The Market is TIGHT right now!

Dear Reader,This is one of the surest investments we will make over the next 5 years…

The zinc market is going to be dealing with a massive shortage for a long time; and right now, it’s getting to a major-pinch point.

Just 10-days of visible global exchange inventories are available, this is the LME and Shanghai combined, just enough to last a week and a half of consumption.

We are also seeing reports of smelters not being able to get a hold of enough material… This is huge, this will take the zinc shortage to an entirely different level, and could cause a dramatic re-pricing with a violent surge higher.

Beyond a few restarts of past producing mines, this market has very few meaningful projects in the pipeline. Which for zinc investors, who position themselves in this year, could deliver big gains as this shortage continues to widen.

Like I said in a previous alert, there is no stopping this, it’s just a matter of waiting it out in our core positions.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri