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What will certainly prove to be one of our most shocking and upsetting micro-documentaries has just been released: Life, Liberty, and the Sociopaths that Rule Us

In 2008, buried in yet another bill congress undoubtedly didn’t read, is a new authority given to the IRS in a farm bill. It states that the IRS can now confiscate refunds from the children of people who owe the government money.

One such person, Mary Grice, had her 2013 tax refund of $4,462 stolen from her by the IRS, to pay for her dead mother’s 1977 social security payment that was overpaid due to government error. Grice, 38 years ago, was just a child. Now, she has to pay for an error by the government nearly 4 decades ago, for a debt that isn’t even her own!

Harmal Alexander has been nearly bankrupted by the government, and still owes over $30,000. Why? Because some welfare recipient needed a male’s name in her application for her baby’s father. She admittedly lied, but the government won’t let up, forcing this man to pay for child support for a child that isn’t his and that he’s never even met.

In Cleveland, a 12-year-old boy playing with a toy gun was shot to death by police within 1 second of them exiting their vehicles… Anyone reading, especially men, how many times did you play with a toy gun in public when you were that age?

Today, a citizen holding a gun is an imminent threat, while a militarized police force with tanks and all is accepted as normal.

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Daniel Ameduri