The Romney Deception is sure to give many conservative and tea party voters doubts about what a President Romney term will look like. The Ryan budget doesn’t balance the annual budget until 2040 and that is using government projections, so in reality, it will never balance the budget.

For those who advocate the Constitution and free markets, a Romney term will be a disaster since Romney does not support either with his policies, yet claims he supports both. Just as President Hoover, who raised taxes and increased government spending was framed as a free market President, so will a President Romney. President Roosevelt ran in the 1932 campaign, saying that Hoover was a socialist, yet history shows us what happened. The free market was framed, hung around Hoovers neck, and then Americans voted in a true socialist for the next 16 years. has no doubt that if Romney wins, the free market will be blamed for this next crisis, and we will see a rise in government that will be almost revolutionary. The new documentary The Romney Deception is a must see for all Americans, whether you are a liberal, conservative, moderate, or an undecided voter. You need to know, that Mitt Romney, is not who you think he is. This documentary is not an endorsement of any candidate, it is a documentary focused on the truth about Mitt Romney. Like President Obama four years ago, Mitt Romney will say and promise anything in order to get elected.

The choice we have been given is a false choice, and the most prudent thing for Americans to do now, is to prepare for hard times, because that is exactly what is coming no matter who wins the Presidency.

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