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Urbanization: Mega-cities, with over 10 million inhabitants… In 1950 the world had 2, by 1996 we had 14, and today there are 29 of these monster cities. Many more are on the way, small and medium cities now account for 59% of the world’s population and are growing at the fastest rates. Infrastructure growth, automation technology, electronic vehicles, and sustainable energy are all at the center of this great global boom!

A massive migration from rural areas to cities demands jobs, housing, and innovation. The transition is messy at times, with out of control smog in some areas, but solutions are here and are happening. American companies like Tesla, Apple, Chicago Bridge & Iron, IBM, and hundreds of others, thousands including small and medium sized business are creating solutions and paving the way for the future of our planet.

But there is a major problem… One that WILL be resolved, but not before we see a dramatic resurgence of the natural resource stocks. As long as the world wants to continue turning the lights on, flushing toilets, driving vehicles, and living in air conditioned buildings, the world will need to see a serious rebound for these companies.

With historic low valuations, and an unprecedented bear market, China and many others, have been buying up these assets all over the world. Russia has focused on energy investments…China has focused on the metals… But now, here in 2017, it’s come to a head.

Shortages in critical metals is mounting and for most companies in North America, it will take 5 to 10 years to bring on new supply. Apple has now become a major buyer of physical gold that is used in its products. Samsung has made direct agreements with two silver producers to purchase silver directly from the mines.

Dozens of zinc mines have recently closed, including to major mines… Zinc is used in everything from sunscreen to coating other metals like steel so they don’t rust, 3D printing machines, electric vehicles, it’s the fourth most used metal in the world, and we are literally facing a shortage of this mineral.

The world is rapidily changing, and you can only imagine the urbanization we will see by 2015 when India surpasses China in population, as countries like Nigeria with the land mass of Texas go from 180 million to about 400 million people.

 Warm climate regions will have the most robust growth, areas that will require air conditioning, refrigeration, a richer diet to support a global middle class living in cities. Look at this picture of Shanghai China in 1990, now here it is in 2010

This is going on all over our planet! has created a list of the top 10 companies that are going to pave the way for our world’s future. You can download this report now at

We’ve broken the report into 3 classes.

  1. World dominating companies, the end use solutions providers, companies that you’ll do business with, along with every generation after you for the next 100 years.
  2. The secret companies, the companies that do all the work behind the scenes. You may never have heard of them, but they are the first ones to call if you’re a Google who needs help with a driverless vehicle, or a hamburger company looking for artificial intelligence to flip burgers… These are the builders of the great brands you do business with every day.
  3. The commodity companies that are going to be needed and in high demand, in order for the world to advance forward with all these solution technology companies. From mines to undeveloped assets, these minerals WILL come out of the ground.

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For all the problems governments have, there are countless of businesses working on solutions and sustainable technologies to advance humanity!

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