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President Trump – $20 Trillion Dollars in National Debt – Hundreds of Trillions in Unfunded Liabilities – Peak Gold – Resource Wars with Russia & China – All Reasons Many Analysts will Forecast a higher gold price in the years to come… But the reality is, there is only 1 single indicator that has always pointed to the rise of gold…

One that is a screaming indicator to buy or sell gold. The last time this indicator was this bullish for gold, gold surged from $175 per ounce, to $850 in less than 2 years… That’s a 485% increase, a move that at today’s prices, would take gold to over $6,000 by 2019.

In fact, the current signal to buy gold is much closer to the one we saw in 1925, where gold saw a rise of 583%. What is about to take gold higher in 2017, isn’t  for any of the reasons we mentioned at the start of this video, or the countless of other reasons we could all think of given the current state of the global economic system.

Gold will rise and make new all time highs due to the current real yield environment. Bonds are yielding less than 2%, however, even the governments own CPI-inflation rate is currently running at 2.3%. And this doesn’t factor in energy prices, rising food costs, or taxes. Simply put, U.S. treasury holders, and all savers using conventional bank accounts, which make up the vast majority, are 100% locking in losses!

Unprecedented Central bank intervention has created a new normal, where bond yields pay out less than the current price inflation. Guaranteeing all who invest in them and use them for a preservation of capital vehicle, are losing money!

In the past few years, this has been acceptable to investors and major institutions, but anyone who understands basic math, knows, that time is working against this central bank strategy. Losing money year after year, isn’t  sustainable for investors.

The last time we saw anything close to this, was in the 1970’s when bond ownership collapsed nearly 50%! Negative Real Returns are going to push the gold market higher than anyone can fathom, just as the main stream financial press didn’t see the Lehman Brothers Crisis… Or Trump winning…

They aren’t seeing this parabolic move that is about to happen in gold. There are 3 ways to position yourself to profit from this move higher… A safe way, a risky way, and the right way. has created a special report to anyone who subscribes to our website free, prior to inauguration day, what you will receive will be the most important profit making suggestions we have ever delivered in our company’s history.

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