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“Motivation follows action.”Robert Ringer

Ever growing government is a real problem and there are few in power trying to stop or even slow it down. However, there are a few men and women out there attempting to take actionable steps to peacefully bring awareness and fight the current lawless government we currently live under. I say lawless because we don’t have a “law of the land,” we have the Constitution which at this point is just a historical document. Local governments and centralized planners in D.C. have been unchained for several decades and today pay almost no attention to the Constitution.

On July 4th, Adam Kokesh is leading a D.C. 2nd Amendment Rally where protestors will march through D.C. bearing arms. This will be a peaceful protest and if you ask me, a very safe one, assuming the government doesn’t instigate bloodshed and violence. This weekend I wanted to take a break from the financial world and share a great interview that includes Adam Kokesh and Juan Williams (mainstream press) having a discussion about the planned march in July.

You will notice that Juan Williams is frightened by peaceful law abiding citizens exercising their rights, so much so that he says they will be violating the law, to which Adam Kokesh responds, which laws, the laws of D.C. or the laws of the U.S. Constitution which is supposed to be the law of the entire country without exceptions.

I truly wish Adam and everyone who joins him in D.C. the best, the trend of big government and illegal laws that ignore our Constitution are now at a point where if we don’t turn this around in the next 7 years, we will live under a full blown police state. We already have drones in our skies, warrant-less searches, and American citizens being targeted for assassination without due process.

You all know me by now, I find the busy bodies and democracy disgusting, I hate the masses voting on what I get to do with my earnings; forget about government waste, I don’t even like the government programs that most people do like. Most government programs like social security just promote irresponsibility, theft, and more government programs; which is exactly how we got here today. The answer of “government can fix it” has now led us to a society where we openly steal from each other and believe that we will be more safe with less liberties. Can this trend be turned? Yes, it will be in my opinion, either with a collapse due to too much government or through a peaceful awakening.

As a father of a 1 and 3 year old, I hope to God that many more Adam Kokesh’s rise up in the weeks and months ahead…