1 in 3,000, Does This Mean Anything to You? According to Doug Casey and Marin Katusa, it Should!

It should because only 1 in 3,000 mining projects ever go into production. Amazing isn’t it, all those great stories of getting rich from a junior resource company, and most will fail.

Recently we sat down with Marin Katusa and Doug Casey for an interview. When asked about the Casey Research NexTen, a group of young individuals who have already built a mining company, we asked them who was the first person that comes to mind when thinking about who to invest with. The answer, Amir Adnani, a 34 year old entrepreneur who is the founder and current CEO of 1 of only 5 uranium producers in the country, 1 of only 10 in the world. Marin went on to say he believes Amir is one of the few individuals he can count on to make money with for the next 3 decades.

When asked about where he is putting his money now, Marin brought up the KCR Fund which is ran by himself, Doug Casey, and Rick Rule, he said that they are investing with Amir in Brazil Resources Inc. The KCR Fund is the largest shareholder of Brazil Resources Inc (TSXV: BRI & OTCQX: BRIZF) and we believe this public endorsement is going to be huge for early Brazil Resources investors.

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To listen to this exciting interview about what it takes to become a legendary investor, please watch below.

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