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Our friend Lior Gantz is back to discuss proper wealth building strategies for millionaires to be. He provides some information on the new services he’s created with his website Wealth Research Group that you’ll need to checkout!

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01:50 State of the US Real Estate Market
05:30 Home-Ownership Dropped 39 to 34%, Rental Demand is Strong
06:45 Cyclical vs Linear Market Regions
12:00 Getting a Loan Post Financial Crisis of 2008 Results
14:20 Regions to Invest in Now: Greater Kansas City Area & more
15:20 More about Norada Real Estate Company

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Dear Reader,

Becoming exceptionally wealthy, either with finances or in health and wellness, always comes down to a choice.

I’ve known Lior Gantz for over 5 years now, and I’ve never met anyone who knows more about this choice.

Lior built one of the most successful tutoring companies in Israel, then a real estate acquisition company here in the U.S., and now he’s decided to pour out all of his energy into teaching others how to become wealthy through daily disciplines and practices. is his new letter in 2016, and I have the first interview with him since he launched the letter last April.

So far, he’s given his subscribers two stock suggestions that have more than doubled, one of them just in the past week.

He’s a patient, deep-value investor, and an amazing mentor to anyone looking to grow their net-worth on an annual basis.