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Our top money manager and partner is back on; Nicholas Green with FMT Advisory discusses the year in metals & mining (of course with recent correction), current state of the stock market and the Federal Reserve which both Dan and Nick agree the FED cannot raise rates until there is more inflation in asset prices.

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02:00 Metals/Mining This year & Recent Correction
04:00 Mining sector will rise vs Gold, now is still cheap
05:45 Sector may start moving on fundamentals, need catalyst
06:40 What can Be the catalyst for Resource Sector Spike?
07:30 Will the FED Ever raise rates? Bluffing for a year
09:35 2000 stock & DotCom bubble history, FED caused
11:15 FED needs to continue asset inflation
12:15 Stock Market topping? FMT Advisory profiting still
14:00 How FMT Advisory is Outperforming most Hedge Funds
17:30 Dan predicts Federal Reserve to buy stocks
20:30 Bond prices to eventually crash and burn
21:45 Get more from FMT Advisory with Nicholas Green,