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Special Opportunity:


Making bold predictions is tough, and Bo Polny of makes those predictions and faces them head on when the time comes. Fortunately for him, his predictions have been spot-on with some forecasts still in the works, and economic predictions expected to play out at later times. His predictions up until now have held strong, and he has made the case that the stock market is on the verge of a major downtrend, with the potential to fall a total of 70% in the very near future.

This is a follow-up interview to an interview that was done in early September, and this interview showcases his credibility and precision in which he has been able to predict the markets.

Just to name off a few of his accurate predictions:

  • He said that July 20, 2015 was to be the stock market top, entering this downward cycle. The market has not recovered back to that price point.
  • He stated that September 2, 2015 was to be a stock market cycle turn up, or a month of pause for the stock market, and it indeed was.
  • He stated that the Hong Kong market would top on April 29, 2015, and the next leg down was to start September 22-23 of the same year. His forecast proved perfect, as the Hong Kong HSI Index dropped 1,700 points starting September 23rd and into September 29th.

Do not miss what he has to say about the stock market and precious metals — which is all in this interview — as we go over these predictions and more!