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Our friend Andy is back for a much anticipated video discussing his changed views on gold & silver and the cryptocurrency space. Blockchain is taking the finance world by storm and investor as well as public demand is soaring with no top in sight. We respect Andy’s opinions greatly and hope you will also.

01:10 Is blockchain taking over entire financial sector?
03:30 Will Bitcoin maintain dominance or fall to competition?
05:40 Andy says silver’s monetary value is lost completely
06:50 Should we be scared bitcoin is going “mainstream”?
08:20 Are Bitcoin futures manipulated down?
10:30 What is & Crypto’s rise
13:40 Andy confirms his beliefs on investing in silver
15:10 Future world reserve currency vs Gold
17:10 US Dollar, Trump, debt ceiling, stock market
18:40 Central banks too stupid to see their coming fall
19:15 Where to buy bitcoin & Andy’s top crypto’s
21:00 Get more from Andy Hoffman