Artificial Take Down of Gold and Death of the Middle Class Worldwide – Bruce Bragagnolo

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Today a mining veteran who’s had major success in the sector is our guest. After meeting him in person, Daniel had to bring him on to discuss his burgeoning gold mining company in Peru. It’s not your typical mining company in that they partner with small miners to process their ore making this a safe cash flow business model. With so many stresses in the world economy and stock market this type of investment is one of the only avenues you have to great returns today in the perfect timing of the beginning stages of a massive resource bull market.

Contact Inca One Gold Corp:
604-568-4877 –

01:35 Oct 3 Gold Drop Bigger than Expected, YoY Still Up
04:00 Chinese holiday week historically a dip for Metals
05:20 Many Bullish Catalysts approaching resources
07:30 Big picture world economy; new world reserve currency
11:30 Gold Should be $2,500+ based on US Money Supply
12:35 Early bull: take advantage of massive opportunities
14:45 Plans for Inca One to Profit in Burgeoning Peru
17:00 Expanding operations in Peru, safe cash flow

Access Our Top-Notch Reports For the New Economy HERE!

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