Menu was pleased to speak with Bill Murphy, the Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA).

During our interview with Bill, he said GATA will have some important announcements soon in regards to more litigation against the Federal Reserve, GATA has already sued and won in the courts using the ‘Freedom of Information Act.’

For those that are aware of gold manipulation and for those that aren’t, please take the time to listen to our interview as Bill Murphy updates us on just how the manipulation scheme works, what is going on right now in the gold markets, and what GATA is doing to fight this price suppression in the gold market.

We encourage everyone to sign up for their free newsletter at and then take the next step by making a contribution, they are a non-profit, tax deductible organization committed to the truth.
Many people say they want the truth, well here is our chance to vote with our dollars and help support GATA’s cause, which is to expose the central planners and their fiat currency for the frauds that they are!

When discussing gold investors, Bill Murphy says when gold and the miners finally breakout, it is going to be dramatic! During the interview, Bill Murphy disclosed that he is 95% precious metals! Wow, that’s a man who is ALL-IN!

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