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In today’s powerful and informative interview we have the popular Andy Hoffman to help us breakdown the relationship between Gold and Bitcoin. Andy gives us his opinions on Gold backed Crypto Currencies and the importance of decentralization for a currency, we also cover Governments stance on Bitcoin and whether it can manipulate the Digital Eco System like it does with Precious Metals.

01:50 The Monetary Revolution and the realization of Bitcoin
03:05 Government has no idea how Bitcoin works!
05:05 Suppression of Precious Metals ending via Crypto Currency
06:45 Bitcoin vulnerable by price manipulation and volatility?
11:05 Majority of Altcoins are scams and centralized!
14:50 Shortages of Gold, Silver and Bitcoin
17:30 Can Gold backed Crypto Currencies work?
26:40 “The two biggest inventions of our lifetime are the Internet and Bitcoin”
33:20 Where to learn more regarding Precious Metals and Bitcoin