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We’re happy to have frequent popular guest and the man who’s deep in the markets daily, Gregory Mannarino here to get the latest take on the US markets and the status of the global meltdown. Bonds, interest rates, Federal Reserve actions and Deutsche Bank gold & silver rigging reveal some scary figures and thus put us in a bad time historically for the potential worse crisis in world history as the debt could implode literally any minute.

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01:20 Short the US Dollar, Interest Rates are Scary
02:40 Market Rise short-term, FED secretly buying stocks
06:50 There’s no doubt markets will correct to fair value
07:30 Wall Street Wants Hillary Clinton in Presidency
10:45 World Econ Chaos, Deutsche Bank Gold & Silver Rigging
13:30 Gov wants to Control Every Aspect of your Life
14:10 Gold & Silver deserve to be valued many factors higher
15:20 Get more from Gregory Mannarino at