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After being in the doldrums for 6 years, Uranium is looking incredibly exciting and we have the man with the company who is best poised to take advantage. Amir Adnani of Uranium Energy Corp & GoldMining Inc breaks down the recent news and current state of Uranium & Gold for Investors. Supplies are being restricted for Uranium and the price has already reflected upon this. Amir’s company is often seen as one of the only ways to capitalize on a uranium recovery by top industry experts. The gold market is more complicated but could be finally time for cryptocurrencies to take a break and let gold shine?

04:40 Breaking News: Uranium Supply Shock
06:10 Overview of the Uranium sector
11:00 UEC ready to up production when Uranium price rises
14:00 State of Gold: Recovery Soon?
16:10 Record 3 Resource Stage Acquisitions in 2017
20:00 The Future of GoldMining Inc. is Bright