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James has been in this business for 30 years so it’s exciting to finally interview him. As the FED kept rates low in this week’s meeting, James nailed it by predicting they would do nothing just as they did. James calls the mining sector today a continuation of the long-term bull market and that there’s fantastic opportunities now. If Trump is elected especially we’re going to have a huge upside; he also talks currency risk under the world’s economic problems, so keep your savings in metals.

Get more from James West at the Financial Post’s Midas Letter:

01:20 Federal Reserve Meeting & Japan Decisions
03:25 Mining Stock correction & Further Rally
06:20 Mining companies will now be expanding
08:30 Opportunities rising in resource sector
10:10 Gold up if Trump is Elected; BIG changes
13:30 World Currency Crisis: Euro Problems VS US Dollar
17:00 Keep Capital in Metals & Out of Fiat Currencies
18:20 Get more from James West at Midas Letter