Legendary resource investor Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management offers all subscribers a free portfolio review. Simply email Rick at his personal address, Now he only covers junior resource shares, so only send those if you own any, he is not going to review anything outside of his specialized sector.

I had hoped in this interview to discuss general investing ideas with Rick, but with this recent smashing of the precious metals, we ended up having a very in depth discussion about how this bear market compares to others.

Rick compared this to the late 1990’s where fortunes were made, this is a must listen for everyone!

We have all heard by now that both gold and silver are trading for below the cost of production…but does it even matter? How long can this go on and what is the state of the mining companies if they can’t even make a profit off of the metals they are mining. What Rick has to tell you might surprise you, I’ll give you a hint, it’s not very encouraging for those looking for an immediate correction to the upside.