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Bill comes back on with us to update on the Gold Cartel’s failure to keep gold down in 2016; it’s been many years coming since 2011 where the gold rally was halted and stalled for nearly 5 years.

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00:50 Introduction to Bill Murphy
01:30 Is Gold Bull Market Just Cycle or Cartel Failing?
03:00 If Gold shot to $10,000 there would be Chaos
03:30 Silver could go to $25 Soon – will Explode More than Gold
04:30 Banks Caught Rigging Gold Price, Paying Fines
05:50 Fake Gold & Silver: Does this Mean Supply is Tight?
06:35 $1,300 Price Broke, Gold to Shoot up Quickly
07:15 Negative Interest Rates
08:35 Mining Stocks Rally Big
10:40 Upcoming Conferences with Bill – New Orleans Oct 26
11:50 Outro & Get more from Bill – interviewed Bill April 7, 2016:

Our last interview with Bill was February 4, 2016:

This is the Gold Cartel’s Endgame, $100 Silver Coming Quick – Bill Murphy Interview