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Metals, markets and world finance expert is on FMT for the first time. We surely cover everything a gold or silverbug wants in this interview from physical price, supply and demand, paper manipulation schemes, world central banks and the recent correction during chinese market closure!

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00:50 Introduction to, Metal Statistics
02:35 Behind the scenes, Gold & Silver Correction
03:10 Chinese markets are closed, smashdown prices!
03:50 Central Banks buying stocks & mining shares
05:00 Are they holding miners to control the market?
05:00 Janet Yellen’s statements on stock buying
07:40 We’re in a terrible recession
08:50 Central Banks buying unprofitable companies
10:30 Where to hold wealth with collapsing currencies
11:10 the Paper & ETF Scam for Precious Metals
12:35 Record open interest on the COMEX
13:05 Asian demand for gold/silver down
14:50 Mining shares vs physical prices
15:45 Recent pullback compared to past
17:00 Protect yourself from world econ collapse
18:20 Money to be made in real estate today?
19:35 2016 Election: Trump can definitely win
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