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Precious Metals & Mining Expert and our best guest Andy Hoffman is on for an emergency update due to Tuesday’s price action in the markets especially Gold & Silver correcting down. Deutsche Bank is teetering on collapse and the reaction is the opposite of what we should be seeing. Stackers are advised to hold strong and continue accumulation as we approach incredible risk in the world economy.

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00:25 Tuesday Oct 4 Gold & Silver Correction/Manipulation
03:30 Donald Trump victory will have 10x BREXIT’s impact!
04:30 Can Stackers Hold Tight & Get more gold/silver?
06:10 Deutsche Bank Collapse Risk, Buy Metal Now!
06:30 Stop looking for a reason for small moves
10:15 Central Banks Buying Mining Shares, why?
12:10 Dow would be 13,000 without Central Bank Buying
12:30 Best Deal for Buying Precious Metals Now
13:45 Start with Half Gold & Half Silver, 1oz coins