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Transcript Greetings and thank you for joining us at I’m here with Dr. Marshall Reddick of the Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network, but I’m actually here to talk to him about his two books. One that I started reading a few weeks ago, “Live Forever Young,” and the other, “Get Healthy, Feel Good, and Look Great.” And it’s really about health. And the reason I’m going to talk to Dr. Marshall Reddick is because he’s focused on this, just as he’s focused on business and wealth building. He’s also the man who’s never been to the doctor, or at least not since he was two years old. Thank you so much for joining us.

Marshall Reddick: So good to be here. Thanks for talking to us. Well let’s just start off. First of all, your background is teaching economics and entrepreneurship. You obviously have this huge real estate network across the country. How did you get into the health aspect of life?

Marshall Reddick: Right. Well, I think it came about when my mom came down with diabetes when she was in her 50s, and then cancer. And then my dad had a heart attack at age 58. And I just saw their health declining, and it really concerned me, and then mom became interested. She listened to Jack Lane on television, bought his juicer, and began to juice and start taking care of herself and exercising. And the diabetes — type two diabetes — went away. The cancer never returned, and I was just so impressed with that. She lived to be 84. So, I got all her books when she passed on and brought them back and I began to read them. And I began to start dating Lola, my sweetheart, and she was very much into nutrition, and so she encouraged me to get rid of my horrible eating habits, like America has of eating fast food and not exercising. And I just decided to write “Live Forever Young” about 22 years ago and I really started to research. When you get a PhD in business, you learn how to do research. I began to research everything I could get my hands on on nutrition and health. So I wrote my first edition of “Live Forever Young” about 24 years ago. And then I just revised it and a few months ago I finished. I’ve been working on it for about two years. And as you get older you become more and more concerned about your longevity and wanting to live for a long time, and my readings suggested that the human body is designed to live to be at least 120. And so I’m going to start setting my goals of reaching and getting over 100. And I had a wonderful mentor, Paul Stark, who lived to be 104, and he just passed on in his sleep like my mom did. Of natural causes, no pain or anything. Not having any disease or anything. So that really motivated me to for my own self. Eat correctly and develop a healthy lifestyle, but more importantly, the educator in me wanted to try to share it with the world. So that’s what that’s about. For the average person watching this, they’re obviously interested in learning about what they can do to live longer and to become healthier. What are some proven things we can do in our own diet? You talked about the American diet. Does that mean no fast food at all? What about steaks? What does this mean for the meat and potatoes American diet?

Marshall Reddick: Absolutely. And our longevity is 37th in the world. It’s terrible. We die much sooner than we should be, and much of it is because of the eating behavior that we’ve developed. And fast food is killing America, and now it’s being transferred to the rest of the world. It’s so, so, so bad for you. It’s really like eating a little poison every day. And I used to live on fast food. Bob’s big boy and McDonald’s and all of them. That’s what I lived on, and you just can’t eat that way and expect to have a healthy body. And the best way to live to be 100 is to avoid disease. And there’s just so many things in our environment that are creating disease in our environment. And then of course obesity is the greatest problem we are living with today, where you have over 70% of kids and 70% of the adults overweight. And that usually leads to diabetes, which is horrible. You can lose your limbs, you see people in wheelchairs with no limbs and they’re overweight; it’s been from diabetes. I thought it was interesting in reading the book “Live Forever Young” that even the treatment for diabetes is actually unhealthy so that’s a double whammy. Is there an ideal diet out there? Do you need to become a vegan, vegetarian, raw food? I know in live forever young you spoke positively about the Mediterranean diet. Is this the ideal die? What diet are you on?

Marshall Reddick: Well, the greatest challenge is there are thousands of diets. For every person that writes a health book, they have a diet. And the problem with diets is they just don’t work. The statistics show that out of a hundred people that begin a diet, only ten finish or ten percent, and of those who finish, only ten percent of those stick with it. So it’s only 1% of people who start a diet finish and are successful. And the problem is they get into a diet, and it’s successful, and then revert back to where they were before. So what you have to do is develop a whole new lifestyle which allows you to eat properly and exercise properly. And that’s what my “Get Healthy, Feel Good, Look Great” book is about. It goes through all the diets that do work if you follow it, it talks about the various elements that work. And then I suggest that you just select from each one of them the things that you can do personally that are exciting for you. Your eating lifestyle has to be exciting, and if it’s not exciting for you you won’t stick to it. Well mine was too exciting, and that’s why I gained so much weight. I was having too much fun. But I’m actually coming down. I’ve lost recently about 35 pounds.

Marshall Reddick: Congratulations. What’s really important for people who are watching this is: Anybody who has a disease, is it too late? Once, let’s say, somebody is watching this and they have something as serious as leukemia. Is it too late to go the natural way, or do they need to go to chemotherapy and radiation?

Marshall Reddick: Well it’s never too late. Proper nutrition can bring that back, but it needs to be targeted. I would suggest you just start googling if you have a specific cancer. There are fabulous books out there. There is a book called “Cancer Free” by Henderson and it’s fabulous. He was a researcher, and he came up with all these natural ways to combat all these different forms of cancer, and I recommended that to people, and some have gone to use it and have been successful. It’s much easier to avoid disease in the first place, because once you have disease the fear sets in, and depression sets in, and you tend to want to depend on medicine and so forth. And it’s just easier to do it in the first place to eat correctly and avoid disease. There are so many things that you can do to avoid disease. The apple cider vinegar. You recommended it two weeks ago when I was here. We started taking it, my wife and I. I didn’t mind it because I was raised on eating vinegar and cucumbers.

Marshall Reddick: Okay, me too. It was no big deal. My three year old, he hated it. But what, I did do a lot of my own research, but for the audience. What are some of the benefits and why are you taking it? And we’re kind of pointing to this book because the people started it.

Marshall Reddick: This is Paul and Patricia Bragg. Paul Bragg, way, way back in the 50s, or maybe even sooner, was the first one to have a health food store, and it was in California. And he perpetuated all over the United States. He was the first one to start talking about organic foods and how we were ruining our foods. Processed foods are another big reason for disease. And people eat a huge amount of processed foods. A huge amount. You go into a marketplace and you have a little place for the fresh fruits and vegetables and the rest of the store is filled with processed foods. I try to stay away totally from processed foods. I try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish. I’m not a vegetarian, but I try to stay away from red meat as much as possible. Once in a while when I was up to we went to a barbeque, and I had ribs and so forth. But that’s once a month that I allow myself to do that. And quite frankly I don’t have a want to do it as much as I used to. You can become an addict on sugar and salt and all the things they put into processed foods, so you really want to get away from processed foods. But at any rate, he was fabulous and he was the first lecturer and he wrote the first books on nutrition that I can find, and he was very, very big on apple cider vinegar and honey as a tonic for energy and for avoiding disease. And apple cider vinegar is fabulous, but it needs to be organic and it needs to be natural. They produce their own apple cider vinegar. I saw you found it in the market, it’s in the markets now. It’s a little bit more expensive. But he calls it the cocktail and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and honey every single day. If you want there’s a weight loss you take it before meals all three meals and it’s just fabulous. I use it as a salad dressing as well.

Marshall Reddick: Absolutely. It’s a wonderful salad dressing. So the actual benefits though, is it preventing disease, is it making your body stronger? I mean, what are some other benefits of it?

Marshall Reddick: If you will google apple cider vinegar you will see that there’s about a hundred benefits, and then if you google honey there’s a lot of benefits as well and put together it’s miraculous I put it in my tea. And I get green tea and white tea is a wonderful wonderful anti cancer way to avoid cancer. And then I put cinnamon, because cinnamon is found to be very, very good for you. It lowers cholesterol and can be an anti cancer. I’m interested in the apple cider vinegar, the cinnamon. Are there any other things that you do daily that maybe it’s not in your meals, but you make it a point? Are there any vitamins what are some proven things that you are taking to defend against disease?

Marshall Reddick: Absolutely. Can I read some of these? Because these are absolutely so incredible. Let’s see if I can find them here. Just to let you know we’re gonna edit this out, so take your time, and we’ll cut right in to when you find it.

Marshall Reddick: Alright, well, in my “Live Forever Young” book, I have 78 or 84 proven ways to basically avoid disease and live longer. Just let me read some of them to you. Okay, first of all, eat crudite vegetables, and that will be like broccoli and brussel sprouts. It yields a 60% less chance of contracting all cancers. And I do. I love brussel sprouts. I eat broccoli almost every single night. And you can’t overcook it, or you get rid of the enzymes. But just think about it. You can lower your risk and these are all proven studies. Another one is selenium. Those that have enough selenium in their system have a 44% less risk of cancer. Just imagine that. And you can get it from Brazil nuts. I eat a lot of nuts, and I always eat tubers. It’s great for your prostate and it helps avoid prostate problems. Sardines and tuna. I have some in my office right now. If I want a snack, you know, they’re a buck a flat and I just eat some sardines. Women who eat plenty of fiber have a 50% less chance of breast cancer. Just imagine if you contract breast cancer, how you wish that you had basically had enough fiber and perhaps avoided that. Omega 3s which are in the really good oils, like in salmon, reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. One study said 40%, another study said 60%. So it’s about eating a lot of these foods that are statistically, they’re just factually reducing your chances to contract disease. So you’re putting them together and creating a wall of defense for yourself.

Marshall Reddick: And then just getting the proper exercise each day lowers your chance of dying in general by six and a half years. It gives you six and a half more years of life expectancy by just having enough exercise. And we don’t get enough exercise. Putting it all together just with the Marshall Real Estate Network and “Live Forever Young,” you’ve talked about some keys to success. What are the three keys to success?

Marshall Reddick: I’d be happy to. I look at the overall person instead of just one component. As you know, I’m really into wealth building, and I think real estate is the best way. And I think that you’ve probably come to similar conclusions. Another thing that’s very important is your health. And I know that many say that wealth is health, but I think that health is wealth also. I think that it works both ways. And there’s a person in San Diego that is purported to be a billionaire and has been told he has six months to live, and he told many people he’s been talking to that he would give up all that money just to be able to live a few more years. What is the value of being able to live just one more year? And our life expectancy for men is 76, for women it’s 82, and our life expectancy is way below Japan and Europe and so forth, and just think about being able to live to be 100. And the people that I call successful centenarians are the people that are a hundred, but they’re active and they’re vital and many are still working. I took a look and researched them to see what are they doing that they actually lived to be able to live over 100. And there’s over 600,000 centenarians in the world now. That’s amazing. So some of them even still have their jobs?

Marshall Reddick: Absolutely, most of them still work. 60 Minutes had a thing on looking at men that were over 100, and they interviewed them and tried to see what was similar. And they all walk a mile a day, so I walk a mile a day faithfully. They, almost all of them still worked, which is really interesting. They also all ate oatmeal, so I eat oatmeal every day, with blueberries. Blueberries are so, so powerful. Powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from getting cancer and all the carcinogens that we take in from our air and our water and poisons in our food and so forth. I cut you off, wealth, health.

Marshall Reddick: Thank you for bringing me back. And the other one is spirituality. And it’s really interesting because of the centenarians they looked at, 67% belonged to religion or practiced religion every day. And I think spirituality reduces stress. And stress is a big killer. That’s a big thing that people have to watch. We live in stressful times, a lot of people having a lot of stress because of the recession and so forth, and then it creates all kinds of bad dynamics in your system, and can lead to cancer. So stress is a big thing, and I think that being able to turn to god really reduces your stress. Those are the three things that I think if you have those things going you have everything you need to have a successful happy life and live to be a hundred. In closing, you haven’t been to a doctor since you were two years old.

Marshall Reddick: Right. I had a broken leg and my mom took me to the doctor, and I haven’t been to the doctor since. I weigh the same as when I did in my prime, when I was in my twenties. I weigh 172. I weighed myself this morning and it was 173. And I wear the same shirt size and the same pant size, and that’s what I’m gonna do the rest of my life. That’s my way of determining whether or not I’m staying healthy is being able not to put on weight. That’s amazing, are you opposed to going to the doctor?

Marshall Reddick: No, not at all, but I’d rather not go to the doctor. People that go in to hospital, about 30% of them come out with something they didn’t have, and 10% with very serious problems, so I would just prefer not to have to go to the doctor. Well, that’s great advice. Thank you so much for your time.

Marshall Reddick: Thank you, I really appreciate it.