Marin Katusa of Casey Research recently spoke to to discuss gold as an investment.

Marin lays out the case for gold ownership, why you should buy it and what his forecast is over the next year.

What will shock you though is if you listen to Marin closely at about the 3:20 mark, he reveals an insider’s secret about a small gold junior mining company that he is the largest single shareholder through the KCR fund, which he is partnered with Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management and Doug Casey of Casey Research. Marin talks about a potential multi-million ounce gold discovery at a project that a very well known geologist is dying to get his hands on since he believes it mimics a major discovery that he was previously responsible for developing for a billion dollar gold miner. Though this is not inside information, it is information that is not known to the public at all, at least until now.