There is No Money Scarcity: Profit with Confidence – Interview with Damion Lupo

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Many bases covered in this interview but what you should most take away from this is the confidence to go out and be that entrepreneur living in abundance. This author & investor admits he doesn’t invest in the stock market but he provides plenty of advice for earning income and being the head of your own business. It’s all about your attitude and education; finding that balance where you’re confident to make your own decisions while not too cocky to not learn from others who will teach you.

00:00 Introduction to Relentless Wealth Podcast
01:00 Introduction to Investor & Author Damion Lupo
02:10 Damion’s story: Naive to Expert Investor
03:30 Martial Arts can Improve your Life Many Ways
06:45 Learning from Others will Prevent Big Losses
08:20 Market Corrections Coming: Irrational Exuberance
10:00 Be An Entrepreneur: Creatively solve problems
12:00 Be self responsible for your Own Finances
14:20 There’s NO Scarcity of Money; Stop Trading Time
15:55 Alton’s awesome story of children making money
18:10 Generational Trend Epic Opportunity in Real Estate
21:00 Avoid Overly Optimistic Blind Investing
23:30 Damion vs Warren Buffet on Stock Investing
25:30 The QRP is better than a 401k or IRA
26:50 Everyone on the Planet should own Gold & Silver
28:30 Metal Manipulators keep price down, Boom Coming
31:20 Final thoughts: Being Confident in Making Money
33:50 Process of Recovery from Financial Losses
37:30 Conclusion & Recap of Damion Lupo Interview

Access Our Top-Notch Reports For the New Economy HERE!
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