Notable Quotes:

What does Gun Owners of America do?

“We were formed to oppose the government, to get them back out of the gun control arena which they seriously entered in 1968 and following…”

What are the current threats go Gun Owners?

“In the case of ammunition, it’s not easy to find. Department of Homeland Security has a stockpile of a quarter of a billion rounds and they’ve entered contracts to buy over the next 10 years at 100 million a year…that is putting a serious hurt on the market” he goes on to say how people are hawking stores for delivery days to get the ammunition before it is sold out.

What are some examples of more guns lowering crime?

“In Florida [after increasing concealed carry permit issuance] their murder rate went from above the national average to way below the national average. In Pennsylvania when they initially passed concealed carry, they had to tradeoff to get the support of some of the big city folks; letting the ban on concealed carry stay in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Well, violent crime went down in everywhere but in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Finally they got it taken away in both cities as well as the rest of the state and then crime started to go down there too.”

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