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Steve is likely the world’s top public silver analyst which some of the best data you can ever find. He comes on the show and talks his belief on peak silver production coming soon; we’re talking next 18 months! He also states the BREXIT vote yes would send gold & silver up higher.

00:25 Introduction to Steve St. Angelo
02:10 COMEX silver inventory leverage record high 500:1
05:00 China’s Shanghai Exchange Rapidly growing physical inventory
06:00 Recycled Silver Falling, Paper suppressing physical price
07:20 Above Ground available silver only 2 or 3 Billion oz
09:10 Chinese are jumping into commodities trading
09:40 Mining production; base metal mines shutting down
11:45 Peak Silver Production coming soon
12:30 BREXIT Yes Vote to Cause Higher Gold & Silver Prices
13:10 Massive world monetary changes & chaos coming; NIRP
16:45 Where to buy Physical Bullion from
21:00 Steve’s take on mining shares new bull market