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It’s a special occasion when we have Peter Schiff on and we’re happy to get him on during this recent gold rally for his thoughts. First we discuss the bombing in Syria and Trump’s potential WW3 push, then we get into the stock market and debt limit for the US. Of course our main focus is gold being up but junior mining stocks are still down so they have the potential of a huge rally coming up soon; 10x 20x your returns Peter Says. Some other exciting predictions inside so don’t miss this interview!

00:40 Trump to Start World War 3 Soon?
03:30 Debt Limit to be Raised says Peter
04:25 Gold Rising Each time FED Raises Rates
05:50 Mining Stocks Low vs Gold Price Higher
11:35 Diversify your Mining Stock Holdings
13:55 US Dollar Bubble: To go Lower than 2008