Planet Ponzi Bubble about to Burst! World Debt Unsustainable – Mitch Feierstein Interview

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Another new and exciting guest today: Mitch Feierstein who wrote ‘Planet Ponzi’ and is very knowledgeable on the out of control world sovereign debt crisis which in his expert opinion has to lead to a much bigger crash than 2008; likely within the next 3 years. The can has been kicked too long and if you’re still uncertain, watch this interview to get woken up to just how big a scope this crisis is!

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02:00 History of Mitch & Planet Ponzi: Huge Crash Soon
04:40 Deutsche Bank insolvent; abhorrent world debt
05:40 Italy & other Countries can Never Pay Back Debt
06:45 Central Banks Buying Stocks & Manipulating Market
08:00 How long can system be propped up? Crash Next 3 Years
09:00 Inflation in College tuition, housing, wages stagnant
10:20 Federal Reserve’s created huge asset bubbles; will pop
11:15 US Riots, civil unrest coming while middle class dying
12:30 FED’s balance sheet approaching $5 Trillion…No Exit
13:30 Hillary Clinton is the status quo, Donald Trump wild card
15:40 We Need campaign finance reform; George Soros funds
17:00 Planet Ponzi Book & How to take Action, Protect Yourself
20:00 Debt blocks future consumption…China’s printed $38 Trillion
24:15 Any hope to fix the problem? Technological advancement
25:10 There is not Capitalism without allowing Bankruptcy
27:20 Homelessness all time high, Wealth being Wasted

Access Our Top-Notch Reports For the New Economy HERE!
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